Auto Rail Dolly

Model: Seaspray
Application: For quick transfer of vehicles between different work bays.
In-ground rail: 4000*50*35mm
On-ground rail: 4000*180*15mm
Technical Data:

  • Load capacity: 0.9t
  • Size: 900*452*63mm
  • Weight: 10Kg
  • Material: ABS, Special aluminum alloy

Certificate: ISO,CE


Quick transfer of vehicles without starting vehicles

Light and Beautiful
The dolly is made of special aluminum alloy and ABS material, light weight, light sliding, and easy operation with one-hand.
Auto Rail Dolly - Seaspray - Light and Beautiful | SYLVANAUTO
Auto Rail Dolly - Seaspray | Transport trolley | SYLVANAUTO
High Strength
Maximum load capacity of one set car mover(4pcs) is 3.6tons. It can automatically recover after pressure-bearing. Service life is as long as 20 years.
Widely used
It works with in-ground and on-ground rail system, and is widely used in maintenance lines and spraying line.
Auto Rail Dolly - Seaspray | On-ground rail | SYLVANAUTO
Auto Rail Dolly - Seaspray | In-ground rail | SYLVANAUTO