Auto Rail Dolly

Model: Seaspray
Application: For quick transfer of vehicles between different work bays.
In-ground rail: 4000*50*35mm
On-ground rail: 4000*180*15mm
Technical Data:

  • Load capacity: 0.9t
  • Size: 900*452*63mm
  • Weight: 10Kg
  • Material: ABS, Special aluminum alloy

Certificate: ISO,CE

Auto Rail Dolly - Seaspray | SYLVANAUTO

Quick transfer of vehicles without starting vehicles

Light and Beautiful
The dolly is made of special aluminum alloy and ABS material, light weight, light sliding, and easy operation with one-hand.
Auto Rail Dolly - Seaspray - Light and Beautiful | SYLVANAUTO
Auto Rail Dolly - Seaspray | Transport trolley | SYLVANAUTO
High Strength
Maximum load capacity of one set car mover(4pcs) is 3.6tons. It can automatically recover after pressure-bearing. Service life is as long as 20 years.
Widely used
It works with in-ground and on-ground rail system, and is widely used in maintenance lines and spraying line.
Auto Rail Dolly - Seaspray | On-ground rail | SYLVANAUTO
Auto Rail Dolly - Seaspray | In-ground rail | SYLVANAUTO