Magnetic Masking Tape Holder

Model: Runner
Application: for the storage and use of the masking tape
Technical Data:

  • Inner diameter: 60mm
  • Outer diameter: 82mm
  • Width: 21mm/38mm/41mm
  • Applicable tape width: 19/35/38mm
  • Material: PP, Neodymium magnet

Certificate: ISO

Magnetic Masking Tape Holder - Runner | SYLVANAUTO


Wide Application

It is available in a variety of sizes and is suitable for various masking tapes in all countries.

Convenient use

Built-in strong magnets can make it be attached to tape caddy or the surface of car body, ready for use at any time.

Cost saving

It can effectively reduce the loss rate of masking tape and save costs.

Usage method

Magnetic Masking Tape Holder - Runner - Arm wear | SYLVANAUTO
Magnetic Masking Tape Holder - Runner - Waist hanging | SYLVANAUTO