Mobile Air Filter System

Model: Starscream
Application: For collecting and purifying the paint mist in the painting process
Technical Data:

  • Weight: 160Kg
  • Voltage: 220V(50/60Hz)
  • Air volume: 2250m³/h
  • Max. output power: 1.1Kw

Certificate: ISO

Mobile Air Filter System - Starscream | SYLVANAUTO


Strong purification

Seven layers filter system can filter the dust, steam and harmful volatile gas generated in painting process to release clean air and meet the environmental protection requirements.

Superstrong applicability

The mobile design meets the needs of multi-area and multi-scene spraying operation, and occupies less space than the traditional spray booth.

Improve productivity

No need to move the vehicles, can work at the regular work bay, reduce the occupancy of paint booth, and greatly increase the productivity of workshop.


Mobile Air Filter System - Starscream - Usage2 | SYLVANAUTO
Mobile Air Filter System - Starscream - Usage1 | SYLVANAUTO