Mobile Paint Curing Lamp

Model: HotBro No.2
Application: For drying complete panel
Technical Data:

  • Voltage: 220V(50/60Hz)
  • Single panel preheating power: 2Kw
  • Single panel output power: 11Kw
  • Size: 1775×750×2015mm
  • Single panel LPG consumption: 0.65Kg/h
  • Single panel natural gas consumption: 1.1m³/h
  • Working stroke: 1400mm

Certificate: ISO, CE, ETL, ATEX

Mobile Paint Curing Lamp - HotBro No.2 | SYLVANAUTO

Drying a complete panel without spray booth

Note: there are slight differences in drying time under different conditions.
Intelligent Technology
It has a built-in intelligent control system, which can automatically execute operation instructions, improve operation efficiency dramatically.
  • Electric push rod lifting
  • Built in multiple baking modes
  • Custom baking rate
Mobile Paint Curing Lamp - HotBro No.2 - Intelligent Technology | SYLVANAUTO
Mobile Paint Curing Lamp - HotBro No.2 - Wide Application | SYLVANAUTO
Wide Application
With a mobile design, the single drying area can reach 2.5 ㎡, which is suitable for common single panel painting jobs.
Prop angle
Working stroke
Lift Limit
Safe and Environmental
HotBro No.2 has a built-in flow, pressure and temperature triple monitoring system. The working process has no flame and emissions are water and carbon dioxide. Safe, reliable and pollution-free.
Mobile Paint Curing Lamp - HotBro No.2 - Safe and Environmental | SYLVANAUTO