Paint Curing Robot

Model: NovaPrime
Application: For drying treatment across work bays automatically.
Technical Data:

  • Voltage: 220V(50/60Hz)
  • Single panel preheating power: 2Kw
  • Height: 2.5m/3m
  • Single panel output power: 11Kw
  • Single LPG consumption: 0.65Kg/h
  • Single panel natural gas consumption: 1.1m³/h

Certificate: ISO, CE, ETL, ATEX

Paint Curing Robot - NovaPrime | SYLVANAUTO

Increase workshop capacity by 3 times.

Note: there are slight differences in drying time under different conditions.
Intelligent nechnoblogy
Nova Prime has a built-in intelligent control system,it can automatically manage drying treatment according to the instructions to improve work quality.
  • Pneumatic hydraulic lifting
  • Built in multiple baking modes
  • Custom baking rate
Paint Curing Robot - NovaPrime - Intelligent nechnoblogy | SYLVANAUTO
Paint Curing Robot - NovaPrime - Increase efficiency | SYLVANAUTO
Increase efficiency
It can work across work bays automatically, reducing labor costs and dramatically increasing efficiency and productivity.
Number of cross work bay
Angle of rotation
Lift Limit
Energy saving& environmental
Energy utilization is higher, emissions are only water and carbon dioxide, and no pollution is emitted.
Paint Curing Robot - NovaPrime - Energy saving& environmental | SYLVANAUTO