Paint Workstation

Model: CyberTron No.2
Application: Integrating all kinds of tools and consumables needed in sanding, spraying and polishing.
Technical Data:

  • Carrying capacity: 10A
  • Voltage: 110V/220V(50/60Hz)
  • Weight: 160Kg
  • Size : 1400*620*1320mm

Certificate: ISO,CE,ATEX

Paint Workstation - CyberTron No.2 | SYLVANAUTO
Highly integration
Integration of all tools and consumables in the grinding and spraying, with air drum, electric drum, oil-water separators,socket and etc.

Handheld paint curing lamp ②Side drawer ③Masking paper holder ④Tool board ⑤Magnetic masking tape holder ⑥Tool box ⑦Power socket and primer rolling Kit ⑧Sponge sand paper box

Efficient and Convenient
With all tools nearby and workbench, it greatly increases work productivity.

①Non-woven fabric hanger ②Workbench(0.5㎡) ③Dustbin ④Combined drawer ⑤Plexiglass window ⑥Side drawers ⑦Wide wheel

Space Saving
The chimeric design make the workstation full use of the space inside and outside to reduce the space occupied.

①Gas&electricity panel ②Oil-water separator ③Dry grinder area ④Telescopic hanger

Easy Management
One trolly, one people. Lock the workstation by covering top cap to ensure all items safety. Clear responsibility management.

①Lid ②Lock